Water Program

Water Program focus on engineering, compliance and administrative priorities. It's primary engineering functions include:

  1. The development and consistent application of an American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) cross-connection control and back flow prevention program,
  2. Continue to promote the development of Territorial ground water and source water protection plans including the establishment of groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI) policy and,
  3. Providing assistance to ASPA with updating its emergency operations plans


Compliance Priorities include:

  1. Field level situational assistance to USEPA staff as Region 9 enforces Federal Administrative Orders to the five Tutuila Island, the villages of Onenoa, Vatia, Afono, Fagali'i and Fagamalo
  2. Continuation and refinement of chemical monitoring data compilation efforts,
  3. Provision of assistance to ASPA for preparation and publication of its annual Consumer Confidence Report,
  4. Completion of biennial public water system (PWS) sanitary surveys.

The Water Program remains committed to protecting the quality of groundwater in American Samoa. Subsurface water supplies are at risk due to poorly regulated land development and an increasing dependance on ground water to meet domestic and commercial needs. Because the volcanic soils of Tutuila, Aunu'u and the Manu'a Islands are highly permeable and thus provide minimal filtering capacity, there is a constant risk of ground water contamination from surface level pollution. The greatest threats to groundwater quality in American Samoa are pesticide residues, pollutants associated with hazardous materials, and bacterial and nutrient pollution from poorly constructed human and pig waste disposal systems.

Christianera A. Tuitele, Water Division Head
Phone: (684) 633-2304 ex: 232/ cell: (684) 733-2471