Solid Waste

What is Solid Waste?

Solid Waste means rubbish, refuse, waste materials, garbage, trash, offal, any dead animal, or any debris or any kind or description whether or not it is of value, including improperly discarded paper, metal, plastic, glass, cloths, and any liquid or solid wastes. (22.1301 ASCA)

What is considered illegal open burning?

The disposal of solid waste or combustible material by open burning.

The only two open burning allowed are:

  1. open fires for the cooking of food and human consumption
  2. Agricultural burning

It is the goal of Solid Waste Branch of EPA to improve the health and well-being of residents of American Samoa by implementing regulatory control measures to prevent the improper disposal and burning of solid waste.

Regulation ASCA 25.20 Solid Waste

Standard Forms

Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB)
Anti-Litter Campaign
Adopt-A-Roadside/Stream Program

Accumulation of trash, lapisi along the roadsides and inside of streams is quite unsightly. Trash accumulation imparts the belief that American Samoa is unkempt and not a place where anyone should live or visit. By keeping our roadsides and streams clear of trash, the appearance of our island and ocean is enhanced, instilling pride in the minds and hearts of our people, and creating lasting impressions on people that visits our island country...Read More

Fa'amamata M. Meredith, Solid Waste Branch Manager