US EPA Re-Certifies AS-EPA Laboratory through 2019

The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) announces the re-certification of its laboratory by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

A Certification Officer for the U.S. EPA Region 9, Mr. Andy Lincoff, recently traveled to American Samoa to administer a full, on-site evaluation of the AS-EPA laboratory. The intensive two-day review focused on general laboratory practices, analytical methodologies, sample collection, handling, and preservation, quality assurance, record keeping, response to laboratory results, laboratory personnel and facility, and data reporting.

2016 National Drinking Water Week Press Release

This year marks the 42nd Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the national legislation at the core of local and national efforts to provide safe drinking water and protect public health. This week, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) celebrates National Drinking Water Week (May 2 – 6, 2016) – a national observance that highlights the value of water in our daily lives.

2016 KASB Press Release

The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) begun 2016 by “kicking off” its Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB) program which has drawn public support from village and church groups, schools, businesses, families and individuals who are excited to clean-up and maintain the beauty of their adopted areas.