Education Program

The Environmental Awareness and Education Program works to raise public awareness of environmental issues, increase public understanding of how individual actions multiply to impact the environment, and craft local messages to change individual behaviors and create a personal sense of responsibility for the long term environmental health of the Territory.

The Lumana'i Initiative

The Lumana’i Initiative supports AS-EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment by increasing awareness and providing education. The objective of the Lumana’i Initiative is to cultivate awareness opportunities for the youth so that they can transform awareness to actions that will protect the environment, ensure economic prosperity, and sustain societal welfare for our territory. The Initiative also serves as a forum to encourage and inspire students to pursue studies in STEAM, and to help students develop an interest in careers that are critical to the success of AS-EPA and its mission.

Tumau Lokeni, Public Awareness Division Head
Ph: (684) 633-2304 ex.252