Welcome to AS-EPA and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about our programs and services and participate in the services we provide.

The Administration Division consists of the offices of the agency’s executive leaders including the Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, and Legal Counsel. We also provide administrative services, which include Human Resources, Customer Service, and Facility Services.

At the Administration Division we endeavor to set a professional, accountable, and compassionate tone for the public services we are mandated to provide to our island community. This is manifested in our service goals, which are:

  • People Power - We are committed to providing services and retaining talent and creating a culture where our agency staff are able to thrive as leading environmental public servants in the Pacific region.
  • Customer Care - We will connect all of our customers to relevant technical and enforcement programs and keep a reliable record for the public we serve.
  • Green Facilities - We aspire to transform our organization into the greenest office in American Samoa, with green facilities and equipment, and staff who will be living examples of green ways and behaviors.

For more information about our programs and services, please call our agency at 633-2304 or email us at info[at]


Neil Pilcher, Administration Division Head
Ph: (684) 633-2304 ex.231