Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB 2)

Keep American Samoa Beautiful (KASB)
Anti-Litter Campaign
Adopt-A-Roadside/Stream Program

Accumulation of trash, lapisi along the roadsides and inside of streams is quite unsightly. Trash accumulation imparts the belief that American Samoa is unkempt and not a place where anyone should live or visit. By keeping our roadsides and streams clear of trash, the appearance of our island and ocean is enhanced, instilling pride in the minds and hearts of our people, and creating lasting impressions on people that visits our island country.

The AS-EPA initiated an Anti-Litter Campaign called "Keep American Samoa Beautiful" or simply "KASB" that consists of the Adopt-A-Roadside or Adopt-A-Stream program to address the trash problem. Adopt-A-Roadside or Stream program is a great opportunity to muster public involvement. It is a community driven program that strives to empower our people to take ownership in keeping our island clean and beautiful. AS-EPA hope that the KASB program will change people's behavior towards littering, fa'alapisi and once again instill pride and a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the natural environment.

How To Get Started:

Pick up an APPLICATION FORM from our AS-EPA office in Utulei or download from our website. Once your application has been approved, AS-EPA will contact you, and assist you and your group on getting started. Remember, Roadsides and Streams will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.




Fa'amamata M. Meredith, Solid Waste Branch Manager