AS-EPA & CRAG Sponsored an Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) & Post Construction Stormwater (PCS) Workshop for Local Construction Companies

The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) and the NOAA Coral Reef Advisory Group sponsored a four-day Erosion and Sediment Control & Post-Construction Stormwater Management Training at the Department of Public Works’ Conference Room on October 16th-18th and the 21st for local construction companies. The four-day training was conducted by representatives from Horsley Witten Group Inc., an engineering and environmental consulting firm founded on the principles of sustainable water resources protection from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The workshop was held as an effort to improve the awareness of construction companies on the importance of controlling erosion and sediment runoff and stormwater during and post construction. Participants engaged in classroom sessions and field demonstrations which focused on the implementation of various best management practices that are effective at reducing the adverse impact of erosion, sediment, and stormwater runoff from construction sites and into the environment.

In American Samoa, our inclement weather presents conditions that are challenging for construction companies in regards to managing erosion and sediment runoff and stormwater. These challenges are evident during flooding events which often occur on the roads during and after heavy rainfall. And in many instances, the impact on the roadside reaches our streams and ocean shoreline in the form of turbid and/or brown waters.

This impact is captured by AS-EPA Director, Lefega Fa’amao O. Asalele Jr., in his opening remarks: “uncontrolled erosion and sediment runoff has a significant impact on the quality of our near shore waters, streams, and coral reefs. These impacts are evident during and after heavy rain events that create muddy conditions and further reduces the amount of sunlight and dissolve oxygen that aquatic life need to thrive. Being able to provide contractors with access to training opportunities is an important component of compliance assistance that will enable them to implement effective Best Management Practices to maximize water quality protection. I hope this workshop provides a platform for construction companies to develop into their full potential and implement effective ESC practices to minimize and prevent runoff.”

In addition to addressing erosion and sediment control, the use of Green Infrastructure (GI) was encouraged during the workshop. Participants were exposed to existing green facilities to showcase renewable energy features and designs. GI tour sites included both AS-EPA and ASPA LEED certified green building.

As an integral part of this training, participants were able to sit the American Samoa ESC Certification Exam and were presented with the most recent version of the American Samoa Erosion and Sediment Control Field Guide which can be found at the AS-EPA office website (

In moving forward, AS-EPA will continue to work with construction companies and will be conducting inspections at all construction sites to ensure that best management practices are implemented in accordance with the Field Guide.

Director Asalele thanks all the participating companies for their commitment and attendance throughout the duration of the three-day workshop.

  1. McConnell Dowell
  2. Samoa Maritime
  3. Titanic Trucking
  4. Paramount Builders
  5. Nana's Construction
  6. Tony's Construction
  7. Fletcher Construction
  8. Newborn Construction
  9. RM Constructions

For more information, please contact AS-EPA at 633-2304.