2016 KASB for the 3rd Quarter (April – June)

The AS-EPA KASB program has continued its efforts to clear roadsides, streams and beaches of littered trash. Of the 20 groups that are conducting monthly cleanups, 13 were able to submit data from April to June 2016 showing the types of trash collected from their adopted areas. The committed groups are listed below.

KASB Groups:

  1. All Peoples’ Pentecostal Church Youth from Pago Pago
  2. ASCC Law and Justice Club
  3. Fa'ilolo Pulenu'u and family
  4. Grafalen's Landscaping from Tafuna
  5. Heart of Worship Ministry Church Youth from Tafuna
  6. Iakina S.D.A Pathfinders from Ili’ili
  7. Ieova Nese Church Youth from Utulei
  8. Leone S.D.A Pathfinders/Youth Adventurers
  9. Malaeloa S.D.A Pathfinders
  10. Misipeka Family from Pago Pago
  11. Pago Pago New Apostolic Church Youth
  12. American Samoa National Park Services
  13. Tafuna New Apostolic Church Youth

The data collected is very critical in identifying appropriate actions to take as an agency and community to help reduce solid waste, promote the reuse of certain items and encourage recycling programs throughout the territory.
From April to June, 2016 the 13 groups removed an estimated total of 6,061 pounds of trash from roadsides, streams and coastal areas. Here’s a look at the top 10 most littered item for this time period.

Top 10 Most Littered Item:

  1. Cigarette Butts 2213
  2. Aluminum Cans 1883
  3. Plastic Bottles 1592
  4. Food Wrappers 1346
  5. Plastic Bags 955
  6. Cups/Plates/Forks and Knives 918
  7. Styrofoam Cups/Plates 884
  8. Caps/Lids 692
  9. Paper Bags 585
  10. Glass Beverage Bottles 490

Many of the most commonly found pieces of trash include items we use every day from food wrappers to beverage containers to plastic bags. The passionate volunteers who participate in the KASB program each year don’t just pick up trash that endangers the health of humans, wildlife and coastal economies; they count every item as well and record them on forms that are submitted to AS-EPA to consolidate and generate a report from.

AS-EPA Director Ameko Pato encourages the community, businesses and government departments to unite in the fight against littering and bring back the village pride in cleanliness that was evident in the past. “Getting each village to take charge and ownership of cleaning up their respective jurisdictions is the key to Keeping American Samoa Beautiful for generations to come” said Director Pato.

American Samoa, the beauty and well-being of our island rests in your hands. Please think twice before you toss that trash on the ground. Do your part, and join the movement to Keep American Samoa Beautiful.

For more information, please contact the AS-EPA Solid Waste Branch at 633-2304 or visit our website www.epa.as.gov.